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about 3D puzzle

3D puzzle - The best toys to boost children's creativity

Build your very own 3D model with your family or friends and display it at home or office for all your visitors to admire.

Children and adults can make 3D model after popping out pre-cut parts and putting them together without any tools.

Children think where small parts should be put, how to complete 3D model and work with their fingers and brain.

This product have great educational features in order to develop concentration, fine motor skills, logical thinking skills, strategic planning, visual and spatial perception.

It would be a hit with both children and adults, providing a challenging, educational and creative activity for all family.

The main mission is to educate children so they can build their own toys and offer quality products that meet European standards.

We have more than 300 products in our portfolio. There are two product lines: wooden moving models and static wooden models where you can find: robotic dinosaur, R/C vehicles, solar powered serie, simple puzzle, houses, world architecture, clock serie and others. We also offer paper models which, thanks to illustrated paper on foam core, allows precision and sophisticated details.

Robotic prehistoric animals

Return to the prehistoric ages with robotic animals. They are very creative and then interactive once built.

Remote control vehicles

New 3D puzzle that involve child into action, supporting adaptive and logical thinking and motor skills. After assembly of the vehicle can be controlled by remote control forward, backward, right and left. Sounds vary according to model.

Solar series

Teach children skills, whilst learning about the functioning of solar energy and its inexhaustibility.

Arouse the child's interest in science and environmental site power generation through the sun, thus promoting its ecological thinking.

Batteries are not required. Toys run on solar power or in halogen lamp.

Also suitable as decoration window sill premises where the solar energy is converted into movement of the propeller at the impact of sunlight.

Classical 3D puzzle

include many designs like animals, ships, vehicles from historical cars to modern cars, military and construction machinery. You can choose by your preferences.

Architectural models 3D puzzle

are not just puzzles. It is an educational tool, a toy and a 3D model. It can be a great gift for your children, friends or colleagues. At the same time elegant decoration of apartments, offices or your own collection of models.

Wooden houses

are very popular and suitable for everyday playing.

The individual pieces are easy to push out and with easy-to-follow instructions you can simple build wooden house. Assembly does not require glue or any other tools. Can be assembled and disassembled again and again.

Bird houses

Building bird houses play significant role in environmental education. Child involvement in the construction of the bird house can awaken in him a positive relationship with nature and living creatures.

Wall clocks

Real working wall clock suitable for children's room.

Wall clock not only revive children's room, but also teach the child a concept of time. Clocks in its natural design a child can paint itself.

How to assemble wooden 3D puzzle?

Designs of 3D puzzle are pre-cut. Carefully push the pieces out of the board with your fingers, sand if necessary, assemble together by following instruction (a drop of glue might be useful here and there, though not necessary), and the puzzle are ready for playing or decorating your home or office.

Wooden 3D puzzle in its natural design children can paint with their own imagination.

Paper 3D puzzle

Try this variant of 3D puzzle from our range.

Paper 3D puzzles are made from a high quality pre-cut, reinforced 3-layered foam cardboard with realistic design and vivid colour .

Children and adults can make 3D model after popping out parts from puzzle sheets and putting them together following instructions without any tools. Puzzle do not need glue to assemble them and you can always take it apart and reassemble again.

Children develop their thinking, fine motor skills and imagination.



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